Algae as possible solution for shortage in fossil fuels


For all new projects the Intermunicipal Association Hooge Maey is resolutely focused on renewable energy. The 'Alchemis' project is a good example of this: algae are cultivated to be converted into bio-based raw materials. Algae can be used to reduce CO2 emissions and to produce biomass. In addition, the algae result in lower energy consumption in the on-site water treatment unit, as they directly absorb the ammonium contained in the waste water. Bio-based raw materials are extracted from the algae which can be used in the chemical industry. They replace raw materials that are now extracted from fossil fuels. The algae project was developed together with 7 partners and received partial financial support from 'MIP' (Flanders' Environmental & Energy Technology Innovation Platform) for three years. At the Open House in 2010 the visitors got a preview of the first part of the trial installation covering a surface area of 30m². The MIP project was terminated on 31/12/2012. The algae plantation was operational until the end of 2017, after which it was decided to set up a new project in different circumstances (in a closed hall with LED-lighting).

Our partners in 'Alchemis'

The partners o Hooge Maey  in het Alchemis-project were:

Desmet Ballestra
Gea Westfalia

Universiteit Gent
Universiteit Wageningen

The role of each of these partners is discribed in this document.