Site Policy

The Indaver site 'Hooge Maey' is a strict no-smoking area.

There is a general speed limit of 30km per hour. In addition, it is important that the vehicles adapt their speed to the given circumstances at any time.

The dumping of household waste inevitably involves some wind-blown debris. Where necessary, special nets are installed to collect debris. Notwithstanding, in case of fierce winds, some scattered waste will end up on the banks. Hooge Maey has a special machine for removing litter debris efficiently, even on embankment slopes.

The permanent engagement of a falconer at the landfill site, helps ensure the safety of our employees while working. Without the falconer every day thousands of seagulls would descend on the landfill site in search of food. This would cause nuisance for the drivers sitting in their cabs. Furthermore, the birds' faeces would make a mess of the cars of employees and visitors alike. This could also spread disease and cause skin and lung irritations. Having taken this into account, it was decided to give a falconer the assignment of keeping the gulls at a safe distance during working hours.

Adequate provision of health, safety and welfare precautions provide the employees the protection they need when conducting their work. The safety manual contains and describes all safety rules that must be observed. All rolling stock from contractors must be equipped with a pressure differential system with dust and activated carbon filters in order to purify the air in the drivers' cabs. When necessary, personal protective equipment is available to all.