Definition of sustainability

Nowadays the waste issue is more broadly defined than only in terms of disposal. 'Sustainable entrepreneurship' involves searching for a balance between financial-economic results, social interests and the environment. Certainly due consideration also needs to be given to future generations. Also at Hooge Maey we take care of the present without endangering the environmental quality for future generations. Therefore, sustainable entrepreneurship is fully integrated into the remediation project and is a key feature of all activities that take place in the operation of Hooge Maey.

The concept of a sustainable landfill site

The concept of 'sustainable landfill' has been introduced in European regulations (Annex II of the Landfill Directive) and entails a commitment to a long-term stable equilibrium, based on process knowledge.

Many processes occur in the landfill mass which aid the break down of contaminants in the waste material. The aim must be to steer these processes as well as possible. Sustainable landfill concepts make it possible to reach a final situation within a period of thirty years, where the landfill site achieves an environmental balance with its surroundings. For example biogas is used for the generation of 'green power' and waste water is purified.

Sustainable landfill means that measures are taken to ensure that the impact of the landfill site on its surroundings (environment) is negligible, the use of energy from the landfill material is maximized and little if any after-care is needed.

Hooge Maey carefully managed

The landfill site of Hooge Maey is carefully managed. Main focus is on quality and sustainability. This also guarantees that this landfill site will continue to be an essential service provider in Flanders long into the future, for the safe treatment of residual waste for which there is currently no other solution.